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What’s on your wish list this vacation? Tell us your dream vacation and we will guarantee it!

You now have an opportunity to do all those wonderful and exciting things that you had sacrificed for such a long time. Be it scuba diving in exotic oceans or trekking and white water rafting to build up that adrenalin or simply relaxing and enjoying the sun on a tranquil island and treating your body to the refreshing powers of Ayurveda, we have it all in our destinations and we promise you they are worth every penny spent.

Are you an avid traveler with a slim budget? Tell us where you need to go and we will give you the ideal Plan!

At Rio Travels we have people who can help you select the right package and rest assured that each of these packages have been uniquely formulated to meet every need of the traveler. Time and events are allocated and scheduled in such a way that when you start retelling the stories of your incredible foreign journeys you would be sure that you haven’t missed out on anything. Plan your adventure with us and let us help make it happen for the best available and affordable price.

Rio Travels will give you the vacation of a life time and we are determined to stand by our word!

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