Thai Pongal

Thai Pongal

Thai Pongal also known as the festival of harvest is celebrated by all Tamils in Sri-Lanka. The festival is similar to a thanks giving celebration where the good harvest of the period is first offered to the sun god for his kindness and it is believed that the good harvest is a sign of prosperity and happiness in the New Year.

Men clad in new white shirts and sarongs and women in beautiful silk sarees with garlands of flower adorned on their heads walking with their families to the temples and children running to neighbor houses to distribute various sweets and cakes is a common site in all parts of Srilanka during this festive season.

The festival celebrated across four consecutive days is one of the most important festivals of the Tamil community. The first day of Pongal, called the Bhogi is celebrated to mark the end of the previous season with the symbolic burning of old clothes and other unwanted materials. The second day is the actual Pongal celebrated by symbolically boiling rice in a pot of milk and jaggery, where the milk is allowed to boil over the vessel denoting prosperity. The third day is celebrated mainly by the farmer who shows his affection to his cattle that helped him plough the harvest. Finally, the fourth day is the time for visits and celebrations and it denotes sharing and showing appreciation to all friends and relative who have also helped bring about the good harvest.

All in all Thai Pongal is festival filled with great food, new clothes and lots of meaningful events. Come celebrate with us.



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