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RIO Travels, established in 1976 has been primarily catering to the clients traveling to Sri Lanka from the all parts of the USA. As a result of past successes our client base has increased significantly and due to popular requests RIO Travels is now focusing on other Asian destinations such as Maldives and India as well.

Rio Travels has been by licensed by IATA, ARC and a member of Vacation.com.

Aiming to enrich people’s lives through the freedom of independent travel, Rio Travels empowers consumers to make informed choices by providing one-stop travel solutions and consolidated travel plans and information such as maps, virtual tours and previews of destinations, events and festivals through photographs.

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R -  Reliability
I  -   Integrity
O -  Organized

Servicing the Sri Lankan community and beyond with a vision to achieve excellence in service, quality and commitment in the field of travel and tourism around the world, Rio travels prides itself in its achievements in establishing a prominent place in the world market.

The company has steadily grown since its inception and today has a dedicated team of travel professionals, resources and hands on experience to guide you through an array of top quality travel arrangements.

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