Navarathri Festival

The Navarathri essentially means 9 nights and the Hindhu Goddess’s Shakthi known for giving “Strength”, Lakshmi known for giving “Wealth” and Sarasvathi known for giving “Knowledge” are worshipped in these auspicious nights for their blessings.

This festival is also referred to as Dasara and temples of these Goddess’s are filled with devotees singing bhajans and prayers to show their devotion. The Veera Pathirakaali Amman Temple in Rajagiriya, the temple of the Goddess Durga or Shakthi is one temple to visit and witness this.

At home the home front women are busy creating idols and dolls of various gods and characters in Hindhu myths and exhibiting them in their house for neighbors to come and see and take part in their sweet offerings. In the homes too ladies gather to rejoice in singing various bhajan and prayer songs and bringing peace and love.

On the 10th day, it is said that Chandika Devi formed by the combination of the three goddess’s incarnated as Mageeshasura Mardhini and triumphed the evil Asura Mageeshan.



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