National Day-Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka National Day

Sri Lanka received its independence in 1948 from the British rule and celebrates February 4th as a national Independence Day.

It is celebrated across the country with the hoisting of the national flag ceremony, followed by various events such as dances, parades and performances. As Sri Lanka is a country with mixed ethnicity and cultures, this day is an important day for all people to gather and celebrate the prosperity, peace and harmony in the country. The celebrations are thus filled with various events from the various cultures bringing awareness for better understanding other cultures and appreciating their values while displaying national unity.

Religious observances are also made in many palaces of worship around the country, wishing for peace and prosperity to the country. Other events that one would love to see include the military parades featuring the Armed Forces with the Air Force putting on a spectacular air show, the Navy, Police and even school children participating to display their talents in this occasion. The Maha Sangha, and other religious leaders with Ministers and other Government officials will also grace the grand ceremony along with Heads of the Armed Forces and foreign diplomats.



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