Galle is one of the most popular southern coastal cities of Sri Lanka, which is located at 119 km away from Colombo. From the 16th century since the Portuguese were here, Galle has served as the main port of the country for a long time until the British arrived in the 18th century.

Galle is most famous for the fortress built in it by the Dutch who arrived in 1687 after the Portuguese. It is the largest remaining fortress in Asia that had been built by Europeans using their own architecture, mixing some of the South Asian traditions as well. The Fort spreads around 36 hectares of land covering the older section of the city.

Galle town owns a wonderful collection of architectural masterpieces that can be seen when walking along the streets. Most of these are remnants of the Dutch period such as old churches, houses, gateways and still there are streets that have Dutch names. The views of the town and the sea as they appear from the encircling walls of the Fort are also a must see if you visit Galle. Galle Fort is accredited as a World Heritage Design by UNESCO.

Unawatuna bay which is the neighboring town of Galle offers one of the safest areas for swimming and snorkeling. There is the “Rhumasala Kanda”, a small hill which is located in the eastern side of the Galle harbor is associated with a famous Indian legend called Ramayanaya, where it is said to be a piece of a Himalayan mountain.

There are some excellent hotels and guest houses in and around the Galle town in which all comforts are available to spend a relaxing holiday. For those who wish to take back a monument to remember the great city, there’s a lot to choose from a variety of exquisite ornaments. ivory carvings, handmade lace, tortoise shell ware, moonstone jewelry are some of the available items.

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