Among the many festivals in Sri-Lanka is Deepavali, the festival of lights also known as Diwali. Celebrated during the months of October and November, Deepavali is composed of lighting thousands of small lamps across the country symbolically displaying the removal of spiritual darkness. Deepavali is also a festival of the triumph of good over evil as it is believed by the Hindhus that on this day Lord Krishna had defeated the demon Narakasura and destroyed all evil.

For Deepavali, people make sure that their surroundings are clean and shining new even to the extent of repainting their houses and offices. On the Deepavali evening, women decorate their houses–especially the balconies, rooftops and entrances with oil-filled earthen lamps, candles and colored bulbs. Mouth-watering sweets of several varieties are also generously exchanged and distributed on this day and sweet shops do brisk business, courtesy Deepavali. Streets are filled with noises of fire crackers and the skies are filled with the glitter emitted from them.

With all this excitement, it is no wonder that Deepavali continues to be the most popular and the most widely celebrated festival of the Hindhus.



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