Bird Watching

There are a few exotic locations in Sri Lanka for the bird lovers to roam around while closely capturing the life styles of a number of migrant and endemic birds of the island. All of these areas are placed close to a waterway, a lagoon, a lake or a tank.

Bundala National Park, a RAMSAR declared wetland in the Southern province of the island has a diversity of birdlife in the lagoon. The park hosts around 150 bird species with endemic birds including Ceylon Wooshrike and Ceylon Junglefowl along with migrant birds like Sandplovers. Water birds could be also seen in the beach and lagoons during the day time.

Another great place for the bird lovers would be the Horton Plains, which includes a healthy and impressing diversity of birdlife to watch along the way to the World’s End. The region includes the rarely seen endemic birds of Sri Lanka including Ceylon Hill White Eye, Sri Lanka Wood Pigeon and Ceylon Blue Magpie.

UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sinharaja Rainforest is another well known location for bird watching in the island, with over 21 types of endemic birds of Sri Lanka, including Green Billed Caucel and Blue Magpie. Yala National Park, the Southeastern bird paradise of Sri Lanka is home for the Brown capped babbler and the Malkoha, two other local birds that can be rarely spotted.

Most of the above locations provide Transport services for the bird watchers along with guides upon request.



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